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5 Benefits Of Exercising Before Work

Posted on 9/07/2015 by


Exercise obviously has plently of benefits, but I have found that exercising BEFORE WORK makes a HUGE difference to your work day. 

Here are 5 REASONS I switched my evening work out to an EARLY MORNING SESSION:

1 - PUBLIC TRANSPORT IS A DREAM! Waking up and catching the train or bus whilst it is still dark outside sounds like a nightmare to some, but it is actually the best time to commute! You are guaranteed a seat, it is silent, and it gives you time to check emails, wake up and get pumped to work out or run!

2 – CUT OUT THE MORNING COFFEE! We all love the stuff, but let’s face it coffee isn’t good for us! 86 per cent of coffee aficionados claim to have an emotional relationship with their coffee and as a nation we now pay $3 billion a year just to get our daily fix! So train in the AM and your morning coffee craving should disappear!

3 – IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY! Your metabolism isn’t the only thing that gets a boost. You set yourself up with a healthy mindset for the day, you regulate your appetite and you make much healthier food choices. This will help you to become much more productive and your work rate will increase massively!

4 – CLEAR YOUR SCHEDULE! Time is our most valuable asset. So getting your gym session out the way first thing will free up your lunch break and your entire evening – leaving more spare time to spend with friends and family. Which we all know is priceless!

5 - It is SOCIALABLE and GREAT FOR COMPANY CULTURE! Round up some work buddies and plan an early morning run or group training session 1-2 times a week. This increases staff interaction and opens up a whole new world of conversation and communication channels that never previously existed. Quick Tip: Make sure everyone checks in and confirms attendance the day before - this puts pressure on your colleagues and there is less chance they will all hit the snooze button and leave you waiting on your own in the rain : )

At TheDriveGroup we regularly exercise together as a team before work as it keeps us sharp, focused and driven throughout the day! 

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