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Pressure Makes Diamonds

Posted on 5/07/2015 by


Anyone who has ever worked within the recruitment industry will understand the high pressure that the role sometimes entails. However always try to remember that we learn the most about ourselves during times of stress and hardship. If I look back at my most memorable moments where I have overachieved it was always when I had weight on my shoulders and I was under pressure. Being under pressure often brings out the best in us but it also opens us up to a new world known as - failure! 

Failure still has a huge stigma in today's society even though some of the most successful people in the world have learnt to not let the ‘fear’ of failure take over their performance and turned failure into a positive.  They do this by accepting that we are all destined to fail at some point in our lives and it is simply a part of learning, educating ourselves and becoming stronger.

People tend to learn  a great deal about themselves from their failures, even more so than from their successes.

So what is the best way to manage pressure and failure?

The best answer I have found is – Sprints! Many of our clients work in Agile Environments. Their work is confined to a regular, repeatable work cycle, known as a sprint. 1-2 week sprints mostly but sometimes they can be longer.

So my suggestion is once you start to burn out, take a break. Reset. Then you go again…

The most effective reset method I have found is to visit a new place in the world. Unfortunately my sprints are a bit longer and I only get to take a break once every 6-12 months, but recently I was lucky enough to reset in America whilst visiting the Hawaiian Islands and travelling down the coastal roads of Highway One from San Francisco to LA.

The trip was epic, but the most important thing was that I managed to relax, look at the bigger picture, put things into perspective, and reset!

I am a true believer that “life is a journey, not a destination.” 

So remember, learn from your mistakes, learn how to reset, and most importantly:


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