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True Values - Vs - Nice Sounding Buzzwords

Posted on 3/07/2015 by James Sullivan


Traditionally after a company is created, somewhere along the line a list of values are internally released in an attempt to promote best practice, to improve performance or to sometimes define the culture.

With us it was a little different. First we found out what our true values really were, and then our company was created around them.

Our values unlike most companies are not just nice sounding buzzwords.

We believe that actual company values are not defined by a list of positive words, they are behaviours and skills that are present and valued in fellow employees

If you can honestly say that your values are behaviours and skills present in your current staff then your values are in fact what we would call - true values.

However if your company values are words such as “Passion” or “Fun” but you look around and 50% of staff aren’t really passionate about their job and don’t have fun, then I would question those values. If one of your company values are “humble” (just by saying it you prove that you are not) or the old classic - “Integrity” (in there just to impress clients) – then your values are simply just - nice sounding buzzwords.

How do you feel about your company values? 

Are they behaviours and skills that are present in your fellow employees?

Check out 'Our Values' to read more about what is true to us at TheDriveGroup. 

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