Matthew Cook

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Matthew Cook

Matthew Cook

Senior Consultant - Data & Analytics

Expertise: Data & Analytics

Before he became a recruiter, Matt had a job which some of us can only dream of. Yep, once upon a time, he was a professional gamer. We aren’t sure why he gave that up, but we are glad he did as he now recruits for one of the most exciting sectors in our business - Data & Analytics. Matt loves hearing from clients and candidates about the latest advanced tools and how they are being used in the real world. He also loves Singapore, the gym, and his dog.

No.1 interview tip: Do your research and don’t google the company’s ‘about us’ during the interview and proceed to read it out loud. Word for word (True story!).

Recent Assignments & Placements: Head of Data, Data Scientist, Data Lead, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, BI/DW Specialist, Data Governance Specialist, Technical Manager, Systems Engineer, Project Engineer, Support Engineer.

Testimonials & Recommendations:

Hector Leiva – HR Director @ Indra:

"We have been partnering with Matthew and TheDriveGroup on our engineering talent acquisition needs for the last 2 or so years. We have found Matthew and TheDriveGroup very responsive and proactive in meeting our changing talent needs. Matthew operates with professionalism and integrity at all times demonstrating a sense of urgency in filling our vacant roles. The candidates presented to us all are well vetted against our role specifications which reduces the time taken to hire. I recommend Matthew and TheDriveGroup as a trusted Talent Acquisition partner."

Geoffrey Collins - Project/Systems Engineer:

"TheDriveGroup were clear and transparent throughout the entire application process for my current role. Matthew’s professionalism and honesty during the negotiation phase was excellent in assisting both the prospective employee and the employer. Whilst I don't plan to move from my current employer, if I were to, TheDriveGroup would be my first stop."

Isaac Stefaniw – Data Analytics Lead:

“We had initially posted our Data Analyst position directly to seek, the position was specialised and we had very few quality candidates apply. After seeing we were looking for a Data Analyst, Matthew Cook approached us with a selection of extremely talented candidates. Often jobs are posted with a fixed date range and you then select from the candidates that have applied. The most important aspect to recruiting is ensuring that the application pool is as wide and applicable as possible – which is where we’ve found value in Recruiters and more specifically Matthew and TheDriveGroup.”

Milad Safaei – Technical Project Manager:

"I have been using The Drive Group's recruitment services for more than a year. I have always found the team very enthusiastic and proactive with a quick turnaround. I recommend TheDriveGroup to any company where hiring highly skilled people promptly is a priority. Also, I would like to say a special thank you to Matthew Cook for connecting us with high-quality candidates all the time."

Contact: If you are looking to hire or be hired - get in touch with Matthew on: 0477 622 408 or email matthew@thedrivegroup.com.au - 7 days!