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Angus Williams

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Angus Williams

Angus Williams

Lead Principal Consultant - Software Development

​Expertise: Software Engineering

Angus is one of TDG’s legends in both recruitment and in the many TDG office sports. What Angus enjoys most about his role is the ability to add direction to his candidate’s career paths, and the support he receives from the rest of the TDG team. His biggest advice for those looking for a new job is to be specific about what you’re looking for, back yourself, and always follow your gut.

No.1 interview tip: DO NOT turn up intoxicated. It will not end well for anyone. (True story!)

Recent Assignments & Placements: Technical Lead, Team Lead, Full Stack Developer, Java Engineer, AEM Engineer, PHP Developer, Python Developer, Scala Developer, Hybris Developer, Mulesoft Developer, Salesforce Developer, Salesforce Architect, Salesforce Technical Lead.

Testimonials & Recommendations:

Ritesh Mewada - Senior Software Engineer:

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Angus and TheDriveGroup for all the efforts and support for securing a role at Atlassian. The Senior Software Engineer job position was a critical one and tough to crack. But right from the beginning, Angus was very proactive and helpful to provide me with all the information about the job, interview process, what to expect and valuable tips to spear through the interview. This has immensely helped me not only clear the multiple stages of interview rounds but also achieving my dream job. Even after starting my job, Angus has contacted me to see how am I doing and how he can help during these times. Thank you again for all your efforts and help."

Aval Kumar - Senior Software Engineer:

"I worked with Angus Williams recently for a role and it was an absolute pleasure working with him. I could very easily say that he is a friendly, supportive, responsive, knowledgeable and a practical person, but it does not stop there with Angus. He is the kind of person who goes above and beyond what is required from his role to make sure candidates and clients are taken good care of. Amongst all the chaos of covid-19, he was very creative, methodical and proactive to keep my profile ready for any new opportunities that came through and was very quick to respond and progress. He kept giving me useful information, tips and heads up on what to expect while going into each round of interview. I think he took good care of me as a candidate, advocated on my behalf and pushed for my priorities. I would definitely recommend working with Angus to everyone."

Contact: If you are looking to hire or be hired - get in touch with Angus on: 02 7202 7000 or email - 7 days!