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John Ross

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John Ross

John Ross

Director - Data & Technology

Expertise: Data & Development

With more than 10 years under his belt, John is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to recruitment and scaling teams. Despite managing the daily operations and looking after his own clients and pipeline, John loves supporting and seeing the team develop. John is passionate about enabling the team to succeed so they can do more of what they love outside of work. For him, that means keeping fit, enjoying an afternoon beer, and spending time with his dog.

No.1 interview tip: Make eye contact with your interviewer a couple of times throughout the meeting. Not all the time – that gets creepy - but just enough to show you are confident and answering truthfully.

Recent Assignments & Placements: Head of Data & Analytics, Data Lead, BI/DW Consultant, Machine Learning Engineer, Cloud Architect, AWS Consultant, Java Developer, Scala Developer, iOS/Android Developer, DevOps Manager, SRE Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Systems & Network Engineer.

Testimonials & Recommendations:

John Sun - Head of Technology & Delivery Ventures @ Qantas:

"I have been dealing with John and his team since we started the Qantas Insurance project around 2015, and I can definitely recommend them as a great partner for anyone who's looking to find quality technology & delivery resources.  They work out the type of resources that you require pretty quickly without needing to write down all job specs and paperwork involved, able to work flexibly on calibrating fine details as we go through the resumes or interviews.  They are invested in knowing your team & goals and make sure the candidates are culturally fit which, in my opinion, is an absolute must to build a great team. John's team was one of my go-to guys when it was difficult to find talent and we needed someone ASAP."

Marius Petroaie - Head of Engineering @ Qantas Money:

“I can say they are truly one of the best recruitment consultancies in the market, passionate about what they do and the people they work with. I have used them to scale teams quickly and it always surprises me how quickly they are able to find great developers that hit the brief technically and on budget. Great bunch of people that take the stress out of recruitment.”

John-Paul Talbot - Head of Data Science @ Skyfii:

"Classy recruiters, always honest, reliable and above all knowledgeable. We use them for all of our digital and technical roles, they really understand who we are, what we do, and our culture. Never fail in finding us great people that have helped grow our business."

Marc Washbourne - CEO @ ReadyTech:

"In the “war for talent” in tech, John an his team have helped ReadyTech to attract and retain excellent software engineers by deeply understanding our business and specific needs and taking the time to match candidates thoughtfully, backed up by exceptional service."

Hamish Dwight - General Manager @ Cornerstone Performance Management

"Our business requires us to hire quickly, at scale, with quality resources which need to be highly technical as well as consultative. John and his team have never let us down and will always go the extra mile to find niche candidates, quickly. They are an extension of our business and we would recommend them to anyone looking to hire great IT Staff."

​​Contact: If you are looking to hire or be hired - get in touch with John on: 02 8076 4662 or email - 7 days!