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James Sullivan

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James Sullivan

James Sullivan

Director - Technology

Expertise: Software Development

One of the founders of TDG! James is a big advocate for the relaxed, collaborative culture that he has helped shape, and loves coming to the office and watching the team grow and succeed. Outside of work, he enjoys all things fitness, live music and travelling the world. If he could visit anywhere new tomorrow, he would fly into space!

No.1 interview tip: Prepare (and write down!) a list of engaging questions to take with you and ask at the end of the interview. First impressions are important but final impressions seal the deal!

Recent Assignments & Placements: CTO, CISO, Head of Engineering, Engineering Manager, Development Manager, Solution Architect, Principal AWS Consultant, Azure Architect, Technical Lead, Front End Developer, .Net Engineer, AEM Engineer, AEM Architect, Java Engineer, NodeJS Engineer, ReactJS Engineer, Angular Engineer, Golang Engineer, Ruby on Rails Developer, PHP Developer, DevOps Engineer, Lead SRE Engineer, Sitecore, Umbraco & Kentico Developers.

Testimonials & Recommendations:

Arthur Gougoustamos, Partner @ KPMG Australia & Co-Founder/CTO @ Love Agency

"TheDriveGroup was our main go-to recruitment agency for sourcing software engineering talent at both Love Agency and KPMG since 2016. When sourcing for a role, they consistently presented us with quality candidates that matched the desired budget. They had excellent communication and kept us updated throughout the process on how things were progressing. I found our dealings with them, to be honest and trustworthy, and would have no hesitation in recommending them as a recruitment agency for technology-related roles."

Jenna Mack, Talent Acquisition Advisor - ICT & Digital @ Woolworths:

"I used James and TheDriveGroup often during my time at Woolworths Group. One of the best agency recruiters I've ever dealt with. James is honest, transparent and represented our brand and the role to candidates extremely well. With so many recruiters in the IT & Digital space around these days - I would HIGHLY recommend James and team - they are true experts in their field and provide a high level of market knowledge / insight. James is an absolute pleasure to deal with - ethical, not pushy and very fair from a cost perspective."

Arash Rostami, IT / Technology Manager @ FujiFilm:

"We found ourselves in a difficult position after internal changes resulted in key employee resignations. After trying to recruit via the traditional channels with little luck we sought the help of TDG who had helped recruit some of our existing team. What struck me was how highly staff spoke about their experience with TDG. In the first week we had a dozen CVs from high quality candidates that TDG helped filter down further using our own recruitment processes. The quality of candidates that we were sent in a period where JavaScript developers are in short supply was truely impressive. TDG have secured their position as our only preferred recruitment agency and are highly recommended."

Melinda Timso Louie - Human Resources @ Sandstone Technology:

"We have worked with James Sullivan and the team from TheDriveGroup for a number of years. James has always shown professionalism, his approach is personable and he respects our recruitment process and the way we do things.  He is responsive to questions and we are very satisfied with how James and his team has worked with us to help us fulfil our recruitment needs."

Matt Hosking - Digital Tech Lead @ Alinta Energy:

"James has proven countless times to be an incredible asset to our hiring. He has a great eye for talent, but more importantly, a great sense for who will fit well in our team and culture. Even more impressive that we were hiring for Melbourne while he worked from Sydney, but provided quality candidates each time. Highly recommend James if you're looking to build a team that gels well and can get the job done."

Contact: If you are looking to hire or be hired - get in touch with James on: 02 8076 4661 or email - 7 days!